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Published 22 October 2015, 80pp

In these six long poems Barnett explores how people fight for a normal life. Set in Ethiopia, Paris, Norway, and New Zealand these astonishing poems take you into the lives of others - a grieving man leaves Ethiopia at the end of the civil war; a polyamorous couple have a child; a woman hunts a black bear on a New Zealand sheep station. Original and spellbinding, these poems walk the line between poetry and fiction.


The Mermaid Boy

Published 7 May 2015

The Mermaid Boy marks the arrival of a distinctive new voice in New Zealand non-fiction. From Christchurch to China, from mattress manufacture to Burmese medicine, these true stories explore one man's experience with the exotic and the mundane. Witty, perceptive, and often surprising, The Mermaid Boy introduces striking new ways to write about love, travel, and home.


Issue Eight

Published 7 June 2014, 136pp

Featuring new art by Nick Austin, Georgie Hill, Zina Swanson, and Louise Menzies, new fiction by Gemma Bowker-Wright, Kathryn van Beek and John Summers, new poems by Sarah Jane Barnett, Harry Ricketts, Therese Lloyd, and Amy Brown, plus lots more.


Autobiography of a Marguerite

Published 7 June 2014, 94pp

Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle's debut poetry collection is an innovative autobiography about illness, family dysfunction, and identity, and how they can shape one another. The narrator struggles with the effects of her auto-immune illness, and struggles to separate herself from her troubled mother. The narrative that emerges from the connected prose poems is both revealing and mysterious. Fragmentation, non-linearity and the use of footnotes reflect the disruptive nature of illness and the nature of recalling memories and family patterns.


One Human in Height

Published 11 October 2013, 56pp

The poems in Rachel O'Neill's debut collection fuse remembered experience, family life, and relationships with broader human legacies, from popular culture, and social history, through to digital technology and language. There's a thief who plays a musical interlude on an oboe before getting down to business, a botanical species, the Kafka Diver, that lures in guests for an unusual holiday, and a parachutist who free-falls to her family reunion. Keyed into mythologies of time and place, these poems sift through the drift of inheritance to find what is magnetic, useful and active.


A Man Runs into a Woman

Published 10 August 2012, 72pp

Sarah Jane Barnett's debut poetry collection looks at the different ways to tell a person's story: two middle-aged men strike up an unlikely friendship, one couple reconnects after the war, while another couple leave the worst unsaid, and a cross-dressing man talks with his daughter. A series of nine distinctive poems explore the gap between the heartfelt last words of Texas death row inmates, and the grim police reports of their crimes.


Issue Seven

Published 6th July 2013, 176pp

Featuring new art by Kate Newby, Richard Orjis, Eve Armstrong, and Kate Woods, new fiction by Pip Adam, Gemma Bowker-Wright, Emma Martin, and Breton Dukes, new poems by Ashleigh Young, Sarah Jane Barnett, Aleksandra Lane, and Helen Heath, plus lots more.


Issue Six - SOLD OUT

Published 25 May 2012, 192pp

Includes: new fiction by Gigi Fenster, Lawrence Patchett, Pip Adam, Gemma Bowker-Wright, new poetry by Sarah Jane Barnett, Chris Price, Amy Brown, new art by Andrew McLeod, Simon Denny, Kushana Bush & lots more.

Issue Five

Published July 2011, 144pp

Includes: Includes new fiction by Eleanor Catton, Tina Makereti and David Fleming, Pip Adam and Ashleigh Young, new Bill Nelson, Sarah Jane Barnett, Louise Wallace, David Eggleton, and Lynn Jenner and more.


Issue Four

Published June 2010, 128pp

Includes: Laurence Fearnley, Harry Ricketts, Eleanor Catton, Ashleigh Young, Alice Miller, John Lake, Paul Cullen, and Daniel du Bern.


Issue Three

Published May 2009, 80pp

Includes: Anna Taylor, Airini Beautrais, Charlotte Simmonds, Johanna Aitchison, Kate Newby, Joanna Langford, and Patrick Lundberg.


Issue Two

Published June 2008, 80pp

Includes: Eleanor Catton, Amy Brown, Pip Adam, Fiona Connor, Liz Allan, Tao Wells, and Carl Shuker.


Issue One

Published August 2007, 56pp

Pip Adam, Tahi Moore, Simon Denny, Kate Brettkelly-Chalmers, TAC, and Pansy Duncan.



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