Hue & Cry

Campbell Patterson

After the show, there was the question of what to do with the sculpture. Comprising of a mixture of liquid latex and gravel rocks, laid out and dried on either side of a beach towel, the sculpture sat flat on the floor like a doormat. The combination of the heavy rocks and the floppy latex made it one of the most awkward things I have ever had to move. We unpacked the show and managed to lift it out back to the boot of my car, where it stayed for about a month. When I drove, I could feel its weight when I accelerated. The boot of my car gets pretty hot in summer and the latex I used tends to go quite sticky in the heat. I got to thinking about the extra cost of driving a heavier car and of the potential sticky mess stuck in my boot. I decided to dump the work on the side of a gravel road, which runs between Waiwera and Silverdale, beneath a motorway bridge.

Campbell lives and works in Auckland.

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