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Previous Writers:

Anna Taylor

Alison Glenny

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Alison Glenny lives on the Kapiti Coast. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Victoria University, and has published fiction widely in journals and anthologies. She has written, among other things, about air (Hue & Cry 6), a drowned city (Landfall 224), Antarctic explorers and their pets (Moving Worlds 8), the Southern Mermaid (Sport 38), and the art of surrealist cooking (Landfall 206).

About Part Two of Farlight she says: ‘As they seek to realise their dream of flying to the South Pole, the characters find themselves navigating a world of conflicting desires and agendas. We are also introduced to Ann’s grand-daughter Claire, who embarks on a quest of her own as she seeks to find out the true story of the expedition.’

Cover designed by Rachel O'Neill

Part Two of Farlight has 8 installments:

9 White Wedding
10 The Noiseless Traveller
11 Tate Modern
12 The Interpretation of Dreams
13 A Long Spoon
14 Villa Gambarelli
15 The Water Garden
16 First Flight


Hue & Cry is a 170mm by 240mm literary slash art journal & publishing press based in New Zealand.

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